#138. Passengers

From the Art fair Frieze to the bus stop in Harlem.

It is always so hard to stand up or approach the people you want to photograph. I love the rush, the nerves, the whole adventure and of course jaja the faces while I give my usual speech:

Hi, my name is Romina. I am a photographer. I have a project where I take every day a group portrait and upload it to my blog. Could I take your portrait? I can give you my card and if you want I can send you the photo.

And some understood, others I think didn´t even listen, others were very excited and a few asked for my business card.

This are the passengers going back from the Art Fair Frieze which is being held in Randalls Island. Frieze Art Fair features over 170 of the most exciting contemporary art galleries in the world.

Thank you art lovers!


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