#150.La Josefa

La Josefa, Barrio de Salamanca.

After almost a year without seeing my best friend Karen (chur) I had a chance to see her twice while I was in Madrid. I miss her terribly. She is really one of a kind.

We went for a couple of wines to La Josefa, her favorite bar in Madrid. It was a great way to end this awesome trip!

In this photo: Gabriel (Sao Paulo), Chur (Caracas), Patty (Caracas), Pablo (Madrid).

Gracias por las copas!


#149. No podía faltar..

El Rabipelado Bar, Barcelona.

Everyone has a different way of perceiving PLEASURE. Food is one of those for me, but more than just food, Venezuelan food, AREPAS or EMPANADAS!

Now, every time I go to a new place I need to visit the Venezuelan Bar which always gives me so much pleasure just to go in and feel at HOME.

I had a lucky night because the chef, the venezuelan who made the food, gave me and a group of friends this delicious Empanadas de Carne Mechada (shredded meat) y Domino (black beans and white cheese). Who doesn´t know what that taste like, you need to try them!

In this photo: Manu, Pati, Max and Diego.

Gracias por una buena noche en Barcelona!

#148. New look

Peluqueria Biyooin de Gracia, Barcelona

That is me! 🙂

The great Pep and the beautiful Lolo (the nickname I use for my beautiful sister).

Gracias por el corte, me encantó!!

#147. La Paradeta

La Paradeta, Barcelona.

AND THE FOOD IS SOOOO GOOD. This are delicious Tapas I had with a friend in La Paradeta.

I had so much pleasure in this visit. The food, the people, the dancing. This night I went to dance Tango!  Such a special night…

Jamón Ibérico, Alcachofas, Pimientos, Pan con Tomate, Patatas bravas y Queso delicioso. Vino tinto de la casa.

Thank you for this night!

#146. Mujerones

Barcelona, España.

One of the best parts of this sudden trip to Spain was to visit my beautiful sister Lore. Isn´t she SO BEAUTIFUL?

Can´t believe we live so far apart. I think my next city might be Barcelona.. really thinking about it.

Paula, Lore and Iana. Awesome group of woman. In Venezuela we say ” Mujerón” to this type of AMAZING woman.

Gracias chicas! Hermosas!

#144. Hang in there

Madrid, España.

I am hanging in there. To do a 366 day project is not easy. Constance and motivation goes away for a few days and then comes back. That is the way it is but, I don´t care. I keep going. For a few days I´ll post more than one a day to make up for the days I didn´t upload. Sorry to my invisible readers. Here I come again!

Spain is special.