#133. Background

The Mall, Central Park.

Today I helped my friend Jess to shoot a Music Video for canadian singer Alexz Johnson. http://www.alexzjohnson.com/

I had to stay with the Background/Extras/TOP FANS  and entertain them or just kept them company while we waited for the scene to be shoot.

So, we got to know each other a little bit. Here they are from left to right and up and down:

Freddy (Dominican), Paige (New yorker), Laura (German), Laura (Argentinean), Cheyenne (Puerto Rican), Chiara (Italian), Reut (Israeli), ALEXZ JOHNSON (canadian), Janina ( Swiss), George (New Yorker), Tobias (German), Stella (New Yorker), Philippe (Swiss), Meleny (Dominican), Raquel (colombian), Jianikka (Philippine ), Melisa (peruvian).  Most of them students living in NY, BIG FANS of ALEXZ.

Thank so much everyone! You are such good fans! Hope you had a good time.


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