#120. Llamas

Vermont, USA.

I had the pleasure to meet Petunia (left, mother), Jillian (middle, 7 years old) and Noisy Rosy (right, 9 years old) at the house of the family of my dear friend Leon.

It was such a nice weekend. Finally left NY for 3 days. Pure air, peace, silence or better expressed: pleasant sounds. Great company!

I really LOVE nature. Every time I go to a place like this, it reminds me of the value of going back to basics. I came back with renewed energy.

They were a difficult group to photograph. The communication wasn´t the best until the end when they let me photograph them a long time. That is not the picture here though. This is one of the first. I took so many.. It was an interesting experience how they looked at me. So intrigued.. At the end we got to know each other.

Gracias Leon y Mafe! Los quiero mucho!!



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