#111. Omoni

Bryant Park, NY.

While I was having lunch at Bryant Park I saw on the distance a very large group woman sitting together. I had to approach them.

They are part of an organization called “The good Samaritan Movement”. I asked to take their portrait and as I was preparing to Click the first one, they started chanting: OMONI. I asked, of course, and they explained that Omoni meant Mother God. They believe and preach the love of Second Coming Christ Ahnsahnghong and heavenly Mother who are testified in the Bible. To know more: http://www.goodsamaritanmovement.org/

Guadalupe (El Salvador), Valcie (Jamaica), Monique (Jamaica), Katherine (Dominican Republic), Miriam (Dominican Republic), Glenda (Jamaica), Eurianny (Dominican Republic), Keyla (Puerto Rican) , Jessica (Dominican Republic) , Maria(Ecuador), Kaiqi (China), Katherine (Dominican Republic), Jaqueline (Puerto Rican), Madeleine (Ecuador), Alyse (NY), Gladys (Heaven) from left ot right.

Thank you!!


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