#101. On Board

M Subway line.

It was one of those NY days when you ask yourself why are you living in a place where most of the people is so lonely and one gets depressed often. And I am going to take the M train which was the one I used to take all last year to go from home to school and this Historical Surprise appeared. A subway car from at least 50 years ago was running for 4 weekends on the M line just to take their passengers to the past and enjoy the ride in a different way.  The driver screamed what we hear this days as a recording. No AC of course, we could feel and hear the subway all the way.

It was one of those NY days when you understand, why all the struggle is worth it. A different story to tell, everyday.

Thank you to this group of men that agreed for me to take their portrait.


2 thoughts on “#101. On Board

  1. martindiegelman@gmail.com

    Wow. So well composed and set up. Its so difficult to get everyone to cooperate especially strangers on a subway. Amazing capture. They had ceiling fans on the subway?

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