#112. Photography I

UCAB, Caracas.

One of the things I love most doing, besides taking photos and dancing, is teaching. The process of welcoming this group of students into the world of photography was a beautiful experience. I learned a lot to be able to share with them. It was a great group.

I taught one semester of Photography I in the university UCAB (Universidad Católica Andrés Bello) were I graduated with a degree on Mass Media. The best of all, I am still in contact with some of them. They fell in love with photography too! Sharing the Passion!

Gracias chicos!!




#111. Omoni

Bryant Park, NY.

While I was having lunch at Bryant Park I saw on the distance a very large group woman sitting together. I had to approach them.

They are part of an organization called “The good Samaritan Movement”. I asked to take their portrait and as I was preparing to Click the first one, they started chanting: OMONI. I asked, of course, and they explained that Omoni meant Mother God. They believe and preach the love of Second Coming Christ Ahnsahnghong and heavenly Mother who are testified in the Bible. To know more: http://www.goodsamaritanmovement.org/

Guadalupe (El Salvador), Valcie (Jamaica), Monique (Jamaica), Katherine (Dominican Republic), Miriam (Dominican Republic), Glenda (Jamaica), Eurianny (Dominican Republic), Keyla (Puerto Rican) , Jessica (Dominican Republic) , Maria(Ecuador), Kaiqi (China), Katherine (Dominican Republic), Jaqueline (Puerto Rican), Madeleine (Ecuador), Alyse (NY), Gladys (Heaven) from left ot right.

Thank you!!

110. Panna II Staff

“Where Chili Pepper Lights Meets Christmas Tree Lights” – Panna II

Maur Rahman, Jaher and Juel Khan are part of this Family Business opened 25 years ago at the East Village in NY.

They come from Bangladesh and explained to me that Panna means: expensive stone, like a diamond, shiny.  Like the place!!

Thank you for the great service!!



#109. Panas @ Panna II

Panna II, East Village.

Martha, Pamela, Melanie, Luis, German, Nicolas, Andreina y Diego. Together we enjoyed THE EXPERIENCE of eating at Panna II, Indian Restaurant in the East Village. Delicious food, crazy environment, fixed price, no questions, you just receive and eat! 🙂

Gracias chicos por esta noche tan divertida!!

#106. Stuck

Train tracks, 138 – 3rd av.

Stuck. How many times do we have to feel like this in order to STOP, THINK and keep going?

I spent a few days thinking about this project, about how I just took nice portraits and very few REALLY GOOD. I decided to continue with this idea that I should be ONLY having FUN with. What is the point if not to ENJOY THE PROCESS ?

Here I go again. I will make it up for the ones I couldn’t upload this past few days 🙂   Soon, the 5 resulting portraits of the Portraiture Class taken in Venezuela 2009-2010 that got me into pursuing more this Group Portrait idea.