#71. Día 9

Bronx, NY.

Una cena para 12 ( a dinner for 12) was today´s title of the contest (unafotoxdiax29dias) I enter the 1st of February which lasts 29 days. RMTF (Roberto Mata Taller de Fotografía – http://robertomata.com.ve/rmtf_public/ ), the school of photography where I studied in Caracas, organizes this contest every february since last year. The idea is that they send a title of the photograph you have to take and they give you 28 hrs to take it and send it to them. Everyday at 7:30pm I see the title and until 11:29 pm of the next day I have to find it or create it. (this is NY time. In Venezuela is 8pm – 11:59pm next day)

Obviously, I couldn´t not do this. It is a challenge, which I love. It is trying to be creative everyday and also practicing my verticals! All the 29 images have to have consistency so in my case I decided to do verticals and get something more out of this. More than: going crazy everyday at 11:20 to send the image. Trying to do group portraits for the blog + I work also, yes.. I do. So, verticals to keep the learning process going.

Thanks to my roommate Sara. Without all her glasses I wouldn´t have been able to take this photo!

Hopefully one day I have people in that table, drinking, having fun!! (who wants to come?? 🙂 )



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