#90. Lovers of Today

East Village, Manhattan.

Venezuelans in NY. What a great way to feel at home.

Led, Martha, Jose, Pimpa y Jose Rafael. Gracias por ese calorcito venezolano!!!


#89. BAM

Brooklyn, NY.

Even going to the movies is a great experience in NY. This is the BAM theater (Brooklyn Academy of Music) were I had the pleasure to watch the movie “The Artist” recently winner for Best Picture, Best Director and Best actor at the Oscar´s Awards.

Loved the photography, it felt like many black & white film shoots 🙂  mmm which they were actually.. just continuos..

What a great place to watch a movie right?? You have to go to see the other side, it’s better!



#87. My favorite Group

Skype NY – Barcelona.



Yes, I am addicted to Skype.

This is my favorite group! Love them with all my heart. Lore, Mami y Papi.  Like all the families, it is not perfect and we don´t agree in many things but, we LOVE each other no matter what. The good times, are REALLY GOOD 🙂

Gracias por todo el AMOR que me dan.

#86. Short Good bye

At Giuliana´s, Brooklyn.

After all the portrait session, I really liked the last one!! It is definitively the most natural one 😉 Although I loved another one too.. goes to the portfolio!

Thank you guys!!  Gracias!! Merci!! Grazie!! Ευχαριστώ !!

Pepe and Bendo, have a great trip to Yemen. Hope you develop good work and come back with great stories! Much love!!! (wish I could go with you!)

#85. Games

After Shabat Dinner, Manhattan.

I had a great time tonight playing a game  with this great group of people. We tested our general cultural knowledge. Oy vei.. all that we don´t know.. we have a lot of time to learn 🙂

Al, Abs, Mac, Tamara, Den, Ky and Boo ( left to right).

Gracias por la invitación!!

#84. Evolution

Bryant Park, Manhattan.

Today I got out of work early. Finally I had time to walk a little and shoot some group portraits. The day was beautiful, warmer and sunnier.

This 3 gentlemen were very concentrated, each doing a different thing. Tom (left) was doing a crossword puzzle. Alfred (middle) was reviewing some paper work or maybe an essay by a student (I really didn´t asked much this time), and Peter (right) was inside his IPAD.

I liked this image as soon as I saw them, but I like it even more now that I see it for a while and start analyzing all the details.

Thank you for saying YES!