#61. Third Construction (1941)

Juilliard School, NYC.

When nothing is securely possessed one is free to accept any of the somethings. How many are there?… They roll up at your feet… There is no end to the number of somethings and all of them (without exception) are acceptable. If one gets suddenly proud and says for one reason or another: I cannot accept this; then the whole freedom to accept any of the others vanishes. But if one maintains secure possession of nothing (what has been called poverty of spirit), then there is no limit to what one may freely enjoy.   – John Cage

Thanks to my dear friend León Grauer, I had the pleasure of discovering about the Composer John Cage who´s centennial birth is being celebrated in Juilliard School with a free concert week of his music interpretation by students of the school.

In this image: James Benoit, Ian Sullivan and Samuel Budish (who study the masters programs in performance) and Charles Rosmarin who is studying undergraduate at Juilliard School. They were playing Third Construction (1941) by John Cage.

Thank you for such an interesting evening!


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