#59. The STARS

Los Angeles, California.

And with great honor, I present you, the main STARS.

Juliet Landau. Supporting herself as an actress for 17 years. Dream Project: Whatever she is working on at the moment. Favorite Movie: “Dog Day Afternoon”.

Gunnar Cruise Sizemore. 4 years acting. Dream Project: Would have liked to be in “The Lord of the Rings”. Favorite Movie: “The Lord of the Tings: The Two Towers”.

Ryan P. Shrime. 11 years working as an actor. Dream Project: To play Valjean in Les Misérables. Favorite Animated Movie: “Spirited Away”.

Penny Orloff: Acting since 1955. Dream Project: New solo show called “songs and stories from a not-quite-kosher life”. Favorite Movie: “The Producers”, the original.

Ethan Kogan. Acting for 7 years professionally. Dream Project: A movie he is writing about an important character in jewish history. Favorite Movie: “On the Waterfront”.

Thank you for this portrait and for all the fun making this film!



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