#53. Heads

Los Angeles, California.

Heads. The ones who know exactly what is going on. The ones with more responsibility, more decisions to make.

Jeff, first AD (assistant director). His job is to make things happen. He is in charge of the whole crew directing each department to be ready for their participation on or off SET.

Melanie, Director and writer. She had the idea, the words, the humor and the will to take this great project in her hands and get all this people involved. Her dedication inspired me to keep going!

JP, Director of Photography. He has been making this short film look AMAZING! I have learned a lot from him and his lighting choices. He has a big team working on lights and camera. Next post, the whole team.

Yesterday was my last day on SET. I have to go back to NY. The next few days I will keep posting more of this talented team of http://drgutmanseulogyfilm.com/


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