#50. Camera Crew

Brentwood, California.

This is the Camera Crew of the short film thesis Dr. Gutman´s Eulogy in which I am the Still Photographer ( http://drgutmanseulogyfilm.com/ ).

It is amazing how much work needs to be done in order to have a perfect shot. 3 guys in charge of only the camera plus one more who sadly isn´t in the picture . Sorry Ezra, (Digital Tech)!

Lee, first AC (assistant camera-focus puller), Ezequiel, Camera Operator and Brian, second AC. Ezequiel is holding a Panavision Camera with an Easy Rig to hand held the camera for a shoot that needed to be done in a small space and also on top of a ladder. (Left to right)

Today the call was at 7am. We ended 7pm.

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