#46. Huskies

Parque Vizcaya, Caracas.

I have a husky (3rd with a big smile! left to right). His name is Tango (named like that so my Argentinian parents would be enchanted and allow his entrance to the house). He is the most wonderful, gorgeous and incredible dog in the world 🙂 He is so important in my life.

He has been part of my family since August 19th, 2006. Living out of my house made me miss how he woke me up everyday to take him for a ride. I would never want to get up right away so he would always talked to me for a while ( whoever knows Tango, know he talks. ) And after finally waking up, I had the pleasure of walking with him watching the beautiful morning light on our mountain El Avila.

Today my very good friend Vane (with Tango) came with me to take him for a ride and we saw this group of huskies in a training class. Mickael (Husky with Samoyedo, 3 years old) with Mariana the owner of the 3 dogs. Nikko (husky 2 years old) Alejandro the Dog Trainer and Izzie (Husky 4 years old).

Gracias por su tiempo y la disciplina de sus perros! Fue más fácil de lo que hubiera imaginado.


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