#44. Shabat Shalom

Recoleta, Buenos Aires.

Remembering last friday dinner with my family. We gathered in my grandmother´s house who cooked delicious food for everybody. This was an unusual event because my uncle (left) was in BA visiting my grandmother but he doesn´t live there, he lives in Germany. So, I was lucky to cross paths with him and join the shabat dinner, a jewish tradition of sharing nice moments with the family starting friday night (when the first 3 starts come out) and ending on Saturday night (when the first 3 starts appear again). There is a more in depth explanation of the meaning of Shabat but since it hasn´t been a common practice in my small family, that is what really means to me.

Benito (Uncle), Mami, Papi, Elsa (Aunt/cousin), Guido (Uncle/cousin), beautiful Lucia (grandmother), Teresita (friend of the family).

Gracias Abuela y Teresita por la rica comida!

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