#36. Mi Familia

Campichuelo 262, Caballito.

This is my family. My closest family. Just my father´s side of the family plus my beautiful grandmother Lucia from my mother´s side. Sadly not all the members are in this photo.  (my sister Lore, my cousin Nico and uncle/cousin Juan, cousins Michael, Daniel, Liza and Bess, Uncle Benito and Aunt Doris).

Me, Carina, Vita, Irina, Agustin, Horacio, Julieta, Gisela,Graciela, Lucia, Alicia and Lilia. (left to right)  Los quiero mucho! Espero tener más oportunidades para fotografiarlos y que aparezcan más de una vez en mi blog!

Everytime I leave Buenos Aires it is so difficult to say good bye. Everytime I arrive it is so wonderful to know they are here 🙂

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