#33. 3 levels

República Arabe Siria, Palermo.

Perseverance. That has become the key to my work and to my life in everything I set as a goal.

Today I could´t do the picture I wanted but I kept my camera with me until the end of the day. Walking in Palermo with a great group of friends who were ready to be my models just in case I could´t find another spontaneous group, I found this image.  At the beginning It was just the first and second floor and after 2 shoots this 3 gentlemen passed by and they added the 3rd level to the photo.

On the street, Pablo, Ricardo and Emanuel, argentinians.

First floor Vanessa who has been living for 5 years in that building, also argentinian.

Second Floor Fernanda, Leticia and Robson, Brazilians that are spending their vacations here.

Thank you for listening to this crazy photographer! Gracias por prestarle atención a esta loca fotógrafa !

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