#31. Terapia

Paunero, Palermo.

Terapia is the hair salon I have been going for 10 years here in Buenos Aires. I am loyal to my Peluquero ( The artist that conceives the whole idea for the hair to change it´s appearance and give the person a better look ). I cut my hair here, just here. It is located in front of my house.

This hairdressing salon has been open for 19 years. Hector is an assistant and has worked there 1 year. Griselda is a general assistant and has worked 19 years, since the opening. Daniel (my Peluquero) has been creating his art there for 17 years and Silvana is a Colorista (highlight and enhance hair color) she has worked in Terapia for 13 years. (left to right)

Last post of the year. Thanks to everyone who has been a part of it. Gracias a todas las personas que han sido parte del blog.

Happy  New Year!  Feliz Año!


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