#26. Auto-Kiosko

Los Palos Grandes, Caracas.

A 40 year old family business. Anita (2nd left to right) started helping her parents with the business when she was 12 years old. After 32 years she is still there working with her nephew Luis (3rd left to right) and two brothers Carlos and Juan.  Vilma (1st ) is the ¨Tia Putativa¨ like we are used to say here, she is like an aunt, like family and a loyal costumer that has lived all her life just in front of the Kiosko.

There are a few Auto-Kioskos in Caracas, a business that goes along with the car/style life that the caraqueños are used to live in a not very well planned city for walking the streets.

Gracias a Vilma, Anita, Luis, Carlos y Juan! Mucho éxito!!

14 thoughts on “#26. Auto-Kiosko

  1. Alberto Sheinfeld

    Marlboro Rojo, revistas de surf, chocolate de leche, toblerone! son solo una de las pocas cosas que compraba aqui. Ah ni comentar que tenia mi libreta donde podia anotar mis deudas y pagarlas mas adelante. Que amabilidad!

  2. Karina Chocrón

    Para mi este es el mejor kiosko de Caracas, buenísimo que puedes pasar con tu carro sin necesidad de bajarte y llevarte tu auto-compra. Yo suelo comprar revistas.. National Geographic Traveler Magazine y Condé Nast Traveller son mis favoritas.

    Que buen retrato! gracias Romi

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