#31. Terapia

Paunero, Palermo.

Terapia is the hair salon I have been going for 10 years here in Buenos Aires. I am loyal to my Peluquero ( The artist that conceives the whole idea for the hair to change it´s appearance and give the person a better look ). I cut my hair here, just here. It is located in front of my house.

This hairdressing salon has been open for 19 years. Hector is an assistant and has worked there 1 year. Griselda is a general assistant and has worked 19 years, since the opening. Daniel (my Peluquero) has been creating his art there for 17 years and Silvana is a Colorista (highlight and enhance hair color) she has worked in Terapia for 13 years. (left to right)

Last post of the year. Thanks to everyone who has been a part of it. Gracias a todas las personas que han sido parte del blog.

Happy  New Year!  Feliz Año!


#30. Amigos de la cancha

Palermo, Buenos Aires.

Alexander, Fernando, Andrés, Franco, Tito, Sebastián, Nicolás, Juan Cruz and Rodrigo meet each other through their passion for soccer.

Almost every argentinean has a favorite soccer team. They are fans of the Club Atlético Banfield.

After a friendly practice they rest in Plaza Las Heras.

#29. Los Rafael

Palermo, Buenos Aires.

Buenos Aires is a second home for me. All my family is argentinean and lives here. Every time I come to BA and visit my grandmothers I buy them flowers here.

“Kiosko Caty” is a family business owned by Rafael, father (right), Rafael, son (middle) and Alejandro Rafael, grandson (left).  Rafael father is an italian immigrant that arrived in Buenos Aires in 1957 and has been a florist for 44 years. He opened this shop in 1985. His son has helped him with the business and recently, just one year ago his grandson started helping too.

This Kiosko is located in the corner of Cabello street and Salguero street in Palermo.

Muchas gracias por las flores!

#28. Mozos

Buenos Aires, Argentina

The waiters ¨Mozos¨ in Buenos Aires are the best in taking your order. Whether is a table of two or fifteen, they will memorize the order and bring it just the way you asked. They are famous for having this skill.

Babieca is a Clasic, located at Santa Fe Avenue. It´s open 24 hours.

Julio, Dante, Marcos, Elbio, Alfredo and Luis stopped working for a little moment to take their portrait. Muchas gracias!!!

#27. The Crew

Aeropuerto Simón Bolívar, Maiquetia.

The Crew of LASER, a Venezuelan Airline, kindly posed for a portrait surrounded by the magnificent piece of art by the Venezuelan artist Cruz Diez. http://www.cruz-diez.com/

Juan Carlos (pilot), Betzaid, Liliana and Dennyse (flight attendants) and Antonio (pilot) were heading to Aruba, a 30 minutes flight from Caracas.

Muchas gracias por esos minuticos!!

#26. Auto-Kiosko

Los Palos Grandes, Caracas.

A 40 year old family business. Anita (2nd left to right) started helping her parents with the business when she was 12 years old. After 32 years she is still there working with her nephew Luis (3rd left to right) and two brothers Carlos and Juan.  Vilma (1st ) is the ¨Tia Putativa¨ like we are used to say here, she is like an aunt, like family and a loyal costumer that has lived all her life just in front of the Kiosko.

There are a few Auto-Kioskos in Caracas, a business that goes along with the car/style life that the caraqueños are used to live in a not very well planned city for walking the streets.

Gracias a Vilma, Anita, Luis, Carlos y Juan! Mucho éxito!!

#25. Amantes del Ávila

Caracas, Venezuela

Engels, Lesbinel, Maria, Alejandra and Jonathan (left to right) were enjoying this Sunday afternoon at El Avila.  Gracias por su tiempo!

Every time I come back to Caracas I go up to El Ávila. You come out of there with renewed energy!